What does the website-creation/design process look like ?


At the start, we try and specify precisely what the client is expecting from their new website. Once we’ve gathered that information, we begin work on implementing the design. While we’re working, the client is given a temporary internet address we they can check on how the process is going.


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As In the case of website design, we first interview the client, on the basis of which we prepare a mock-up of the design, which we then start implementing. At a later stage, we undertake consultations with the client in order to incorporate any improvements. The client can follow the project’s progress at a special internet address, set up at the start of the implementation phase.

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We prepare and undertake advertising campaigns, with the goal of spreading information concerning a specific brand, product or service. Depending on the client’s expectations, we will get involved in… See full service list.


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​We provide computer repair, security, reinstallation and configuration services for desktop and notebook computers and servers, opearting on the Linux, Mac OS or Windows platforms.